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Being In Touch With the World— and Yourself

Sensory Care renders every step an experience in itself.

Whether it’s providing physical and psychological comfort, or allowing your toddlers to piece together their understanding of the world, Sensory Care is instrumental in therapeutic exercises, alleviating orthopaedic conditions while inspiring a touch of curiosity in individuals of all ages.

Crafted with the expertise of leading specialists in the field and tested in a medical facility, Sensory Care’s orthopaedic mats are recommended by families and those with animal companions.

Point of Care x Sensory Care

Committed to serving healthcare needs across diverse medical specialties, Point of Care provides a selection of products used by both established healthcare facilities and individuals. The company is able to, keeping pace with advancements and innovation in the industry, render professional healthcare support.


As the exclusive distributor of ORTOTO products in Singapore, Point of Care is able to facilitate orthopaedic treatment through the stimulation of one’s senses— and imagination. The partnership presents a different dimension of healthcare, allowing for an immersive experience that would engage toddlers and adults alike.

For improving blood circulation


For development of vestibular system


For treatment of oedema in legs


For correction of flat feet

For development of vestibular system


For strengthening muscles and ligaments


For correction of flat feet


For strengthening muscles & ligaments

The world you imagine is at your fingertips.

Firm Form

The medical-grade PVC used ensures the maintenance of the mats’ structure, such that they would neither shrink or be deformed. This would also prevent dust particles from penetrating the mats.

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